Easy Fitness Exercises To Do At Home

Everything in our world has evolved. Anything that increases physical work is outdated. As a result, many people are increasingly accumulating unwanted fats in in their bodies. Shedding off some fat is, therefore, becoming a necessity. Not only is it healthy but also makes you feel attractive. You may not have time to hit the gym, but your living room can as well do the job. Below are four of the exercises you can comfortably do right at your home;


It is a perfect exercise to try out anytime. You can do it anywhere in the house. Doing it in front of the couch ensures you get that glute activation. Below are the steps to doing a perfect squat:

1. Start by a good warm up to flex your muscles and joints.
2. Stand with your legs approximately shoulder width apart.
3. Maintain your back in a neutral position.
4. Bend your knees, hips, and ankles slowly until you reach a 90-degree angle.
5. Start all over again and repeat for the number of times you desire.
6. Breath in and out as you lower and stand respectively.


For that perfect back and toned legs, you should not miss this. Lunges show results in no time. Follow the following steps for a perfect lunge;

1. Ensure your shoulders are kept back and relaxed. Your upper body should be straight.
2. Keep your chin up. Find a place to focus your eyes on so that you are not tempted to look down.
3. Stretch one leg forward.
4. Assume a sitting position until both of your knees are at about 90 degrees. Your front knee should be directly above your ankle while the other knee does not touch the floor. Focus your weight on your heels as you get back to the starting position.
5. Repeat the exercise for the number of times you wish.


Get a good study chair, short bench or a solid coffee table to step. Find one that is strong, so you don’t risk injuring yourself.

1. Place your right foot on the bench.
2. As you step onto the bench, press through your right heel bringing your left foot to meet your right foot, so you are standing on it.
3. Return to your initial position with your right foot followed by your left foot, so you are standing on the floor.
4. Complete at least ten steps with your right leg leading then the same with the left leg.


Your belly is one of the areas that are more prone to excess fat storage. Sit ups are the trick to burn those fats. They make you achieve strong abdominal muscles. The six steps below are an illustration of proper sit ups;

1. Lay on a flat surface with bent knees and feet flat on the floor.
2. Allow your arms to touch the opposite sides of your shoulders.
3. Draw your belly button into your spine thus tightening your tummy muscles.
4. Raise your head followed by your shoulder as you keep your feet on the floor.
5. Maintain that position for a second then lay back slowly.
6. Repeat the same for the number of sit ups you want.

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